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Reiki Classes

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My Usui Reiki Ryoho courses are designed to provide students with a solid foundation in energy therapy, Reiki history, and techniques. I am passionate about quality Reiki education, and the promotion of Reiki as an authentic, effective, and legitimate healing art. For more information, please feel free to call (928) 853-1382.

The Reiki Path is Transformational.

The Reiki Precepts for Health and Happiness (the Reiki Principles) authored by Mikao Usui are central to Reiki. As such, they are an essential part of Reiki practice & this training. The Reiki Precepts help to center us in gratitude, peace and serenity. They also provide simple, effective guidance as we navigate the challenges, unexpected changes, joyful moments, bumps & annoyances of daily life.

This class includes: lecture, practice, meditation, discussion, question & answer time, more practice, a practicum, inspiration, fascinating experiences, and a lot of laughter. Some of the topics covered are: The Reiki Precepts, subtle energy, energy therapies, Reiki meditation & energy self care, the interesting history of Reiki, lineage, and the basic differences between Western Reiki & traditional Japanese Reiki. I also present additional information specifically for Highly Sensitive Persons (HSP).

Reiki is also a beautiful contemplative meditation practice.

One of the many benefits practitioners receive from Reiki is the sense of peace and serenity that comes from regular meditation practice.  Reiki techniques and meditations are presented and practiced in class.  It is my direct observation that students who spend time practicing energy techniques, self treatments, and Reiki meditations in class and at home, experience energy faster and develop a deeper understanding of the benefits of Reiki.

Experience and understanding create confidence.

Classes are designed to offer students experiential lessons.  Along with lecture, students to have ample opportunities in the classroom setting to experience energy techniques, meditations,  and the sheer joy of Reiki.  Practice is also required outside of the classroom.  Students are encouraged to bring their questions and experiences back to class for answers, discussion, and teacher support. Typically students spend 25+ hours in class and completing "homework."

Please don't let the word comprehensive lead you to believe fun is not involved. Learning and teaching Reiki is delightful. Even though I take my responsibility as a teacher serious I believe discovering Reiki is a joyful experience.

"It was as fun as a class at Hogworts might be! (Ha, ha, ha!)"

As one of my former students commented above, learning about and working with energy can be exciting and fun. While we have plenty of laughs and moments of awe, students learn about the simplicity and beauty of Reiki, how to use it effectively to increase a sense of well-being and relaxation, decrease pain, and accelerate healing.


Requirements to complete the Reiki One & Reiki Two courses

Requirements include practice, practice, practice. Even in Reiki One, students learn how to perform self-treatments, receive experience providing Reiki treatments to others, and are provided tips & encouragement to incorporate Reiki practice in their daily routine.  Students learn how to use Reiki in their daily life through practice, self-reflection, experience, and more practice.

"The utmost goal of Reiki is not the fireworks, but compassion." ~ Frank Arjava Petter *

During class, students receive opportunities to provide Reiki to others.  Participation in volunteer/service work is also  highly recommended.   (I'll be happy to guide you to appropriate Reiki opportunities.)  Other assignments include journaling, meditation, and some reading.  My classes were developed to provide a solid foundation for personal use, and the knowledge and experience for all students to become confident  professional practitioners. 

* Reiki Dharma Newsletter #26, Frank Arjava Petter

International Association of Reiki Professionals Member

Serving Northern Arizona Since 2008


Unavailable at this time.


January 2022 Reiki I Classes

Comprehensive Reiki I Class. 25+ hours of lecture & practice required for certification. Call to Schedule.

Flagstaff, AZ


Unavailable at this time.


January 2022 Reiki II Classes

Comprehensive Reiki II Class. 25+ hours of lecture & practice required for certification. Call to Schedule.

Flagstaff, AZ


Please, check back for future classes


Usui Ryoho Reiki Master Teacher Classes

Please Note:  This is not a 3 day course. Practicum & Service Hours Required. 

Flagstaff, AZ


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